We offer a large number of Commodities for our clients


StoxMarket.com offers a large number of Commodities for our clients. Among the popular ones are Sugar, Coffee, Gas and, most popular, Oil.

Why would you want to trade Commodities? What are they? Throughout history, Commodities have been used to sustain humans in a livable world. Energy, metals and agriculture to sustain, build and feed. In Today’s world, the home trader too can invest in commodities and profit from their sales. Not only princes in the Gulf region can be the owners or crude oil, so now can you.

The way commodities are traded is on the MT4 platform and our clients benefit from tight spreads, 24 hour access and most importantly, real-time market execution.

Trading conditions for popular currency pairs

Trading Conditions

SymbolDescriptionTypeExecutionCurrencyDigitsSpread StopsLeverageMonday to FridayContract size
XAGUSD#Silver vs. US DollarCommoditiesInstantUSD30.0070.00725% of Account's Leverage01:00-24:005000
XAUUSD#Gold vs. US DollarCommoditiesInstantUSD20.070.0725% of Account's Leverage01:00-24:00100
BRNT - Date Brent Crude Oil (ICE-EUR)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating0.125% of Account's Leverage03:00-01:001000
CL - Date Light Sweet Crude Oil (CME)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating0.125% of Account's Leverage01:00-24:151000
NGAS - Date Natural Gas (CME)CommoditiesMarketUSD3Floating0.00825% of Account's Leverage01:00-24:1510000
RBOB - Date R.B.O.B Gasoline (CME)CommoditiesMarketUSD4Floating0.00425% of Account's Leverage01:00-24:1542000
COCOA - Date Cocoa (ICE-US)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating0.0225% of Account's Leverage11:45-20:30100
COFFE - Date Coffee (ICE-US)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating0.0225% of Account's Leverage11:15-20:30100
COPP - Date Copper (CME)CommoditiesMarketUSD4Floating0.00625% of Account's Leverage01:00-24:1510000
CORN - Date Corn (CME)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating0.0225% of Account's Leverage03:00-15:45 & 16:30-21:15100
COTT2 - Date Cotton #2 (ICE-US)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating0.1525% of Account's Leverage04:00-21:20100
ORANG - Date Orange Juice (ICE-US)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating0.725% of Account's Leverage15:00-21:00100
PALLAD - Date Palladium (CME)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating125% of Account's Leverage01:00-24:15100
PLAT - Date Platinum (CME)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating125% of Account's Leverage01:00-24:15100
SBEAN - Date Soybeans (CME)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating225% of Account's Leverage03:00-15:45 & 16:30-21:15100
SUG11 - Date Sugar #11 (ICE-US)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating0.1525% of Account's Leverage10:30-20:001000
WHEAT - Date Wheat (CME)CommoditiesMarketUSD2Floating225% of Account's Leverage03:00-15:45 & 16:30-21:15100

Trading starts every Sunday at 22:00 GMT and closes on Friday at 22:00 GMT. Opening market orders and placing orders during the daily break is not possible.

You can be assured that your are investing in a safe and trusted enviroment

Safe Trading

  • Award winning trading platforms for the Metatrader, Webtrader, Tablet and Smartphone Award Winning MT4
  • Deposit funds in a strong safe and secure internet environment with 2048-bit encryption.
  • We are always here to support you and offer assistance 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • We accept a most credit card Payment Methods
  • In certain instances billing will be done by a third company party, InOut Capital LP, Suite 2 5 St Vincent Street, Edinburgh, Scotland Uk, EH3 6SW